Barnt Green Surgery

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Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. These include private sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions and some vaccination services. Our fees for these services, which are in line with BMA approved national guidelines, are available below.

Forms & letters

The following are regarded as non NHS services and therefore a charge is applicable.

Private medical insurance forms

Holiday cancellation

Private sick notes

Certificate of vaccination

Private prescriptions

Private letters

Medical examinations (rate per hour )


Some travel and occupational vaccinations are not provided by the NHS and therefore a charge is applicable.

Rabies (course of three)

Rabies (single)


Yellow fever

Hepatitis B (course of three)

Hepatitis B (single)

Japanese b encephalitis
Price on application

Tick-borne encephalitis
Price on application